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Mississauga Electrical Supply Company in Mississauga, ON

Electrical Components and OEM Parts in Mississauga, ON

Mississauga Electrical Supply Company offers clients with unmatched savings on electrical components and OEM parts in Mississauga, Ontario. This is a one-stop shop for all of your lighting and electrical needs. From glass fuses to fuse blocks, we have a large selection of products for all of your electrical needs. Whether your project is residential or commercial or Industrial, we supply:
Tools Used With Our OEM Parts in Mississauga, ON

Tool Box With Our Commercial Electrical Products in Mississauga, ON

• Fittings
• Relays
• Fuse Blocks
• Connectors
• Tool Bags
• Hid Lighting
• Led Lighting
• Wiring Devices
• Transformers
• Safety Switches
• Motor Disconnects
• Small Cartridge Fuses
• Standard Code Fuses
• Power Distribution Blocks
• Vapor Proof Indoor Lighting
• General Electric® Motor Control
• PVC Electrical Conduit & Fittings
• Low & Line Voltage Pot Lights
• Industrial, Commercial & Residential 

• Glass Fuses
• Enclosures
• Dimmers
• Heat Shrink
• Soft Starts
• Light Tower
• Portable GFI
• Safety Products
• Wiring Devices
• Motor Control
• Flashlight Products
• Pin & Sleeve Connectors
• Compression Lugs
• Electric Heating Products
• Residential Circuit Breakers
• Powertite® Plugs & Receptacles
• Wire Management & Control Products
• Electrical Tools (Blades, Hole Saws)
• Commercial, Architectural &
  Residential Lighting

• Fuse Holders
• HRC Fuses
• Split Bolts
• Safety Devices
• Motor Control
• Terminal Blocks
• Power Supplies
• Flashlights
• Wire Connectors
• Terminal Blocks
• Power Supplies
• Unistrut & Fasteners
• Semiconductor Fuses
• Fluorescent Lamps & Ballasts
• Molded Case Circuit Breakers
• Rechargeable Industrial Batteries
• Exit & Emergency Lighting Fixtures
• Industrial & Residential Heating
  & Cooling Controls


We have many OEM parts (original equipment manufacturer) available for any job. Meat, poultry, and manufacturing are our specialties. These original parts include numerous product lines. However, another huge part of our business is consulting with contractors about projects and lighting programs. Ask about our FREE lighting energy audits as well.

Motor Control & Lighting Design

The motor control and lighting design products we offer are our specialties. We help schools with all of their lighting and emergency lighting needs, taking care to deliver individualized service. To achieve just what you are looking for, we work with the project manager and general contractor directly for assistance with our residential and commercial electrical products.

Contact us for more about our various electrical components.